Keynote Speakers

Dr. Tunde Adekola

Dr. Olatunde Adekola is a senior education specialist working in the Africa Region at the World Bank and based in Nigeria.
He has been Task Team Leader of the various projects including Second Primary Education Project, State Education Sector Project and currently, Lagos State Secondary Education Project which has been selected for Africa VPU Team Award for Technical-Vocational Education Public-Private Partnerships in Lagos, Nigeria.
Olatunde has worked as an academic in various universities and government before joining the Bank and is now actively involved in Basic and Secondary Education, Science and Technical Education, Skills and Youth Empowerment, and Early Childhood and Care Development Program in Nigeria.
Mr. Adekola has Master of Science and PhD degree at University of Lancaster and University of Surrey respectively, both in United Kingdom.

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The Education Futures Summit aims to assess state-wide education infrastructure and service delivery challenges; and then map out relevant entry points – from policy areas to community contexts – where government can direct key actors in public and private sectors to transform the future of education in Kwara State.